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Mountain Stage
Saturday: 7am
Live performance of intelligent, contemporary music seasoned with traditional and roots artists, hosted by Larry Groce.

1,003 – Rosanne Cash, Loudon Wainwright III, Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, and Ali McGuirk NPR's Mountain Stage

This episode was recorded on December 4th, 2022, at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. MA. The lineup includes Rosanne Cash, Loudon Wainwright III, Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, and Ali McGuirk. Podcast support is provided by Diversified Energy.

Sunday: 5am
A show about curiosity, where sound illuminates ideas, blurring boundaries between science, philosophy, and human experience.

Ukraine: The Handoff Radiolab

We continue the story of a covert smuggling operation to bring abortion pills into Ukraine, shortly after the Russian invasion. In this episode, reporters Katz Laszlo and Gregory Warner go to Ukraine, landing on a fall night during a citywide blackout, to pick up the trail of the pills and find out about the doctors and patients who needed them. But as they follow the pills around the country, what they learn changes their understanding of how we talk about these pills, and how we talk about choice, in a war.  This episode is the second of two done in collaboration with NPR’s Rough Translation. You can find the first episode here ( Special thanks to the Rough Translation team for reporting help. Thanks also to Liana Simstrom, Irene Noguchi, and Eleana Tworek. Thanks to the ears of Valeria Fokina, Andrii Degeler, Noel King, Robert Krulwich and Sana Krasikov. And to our interpreters, Kira Leonova and Tetyana Yurinetz. Thanks to Drs Natalia, Irna & Diana. To Yulia Mytsko, Yulia Babych, Maria Hlazunova, Nika Bielska, Yvette Mrova, Lauren Ramires, Jane Newnham, Olena Shevchenko, Marta Chumako, Jamie Nadal, Jonathan Bearak, and the many others who we spoke with for this story. Thank you to NPR’s International Desk and the team at the Ukraine bureau. Translations from Eugene Alper and Dennis Tkachivsky. Voice over from Lizzie Marchenko and Yuliia Serbenenko. Archival from the Heal Foundation. Legal guidance provided by Micah Ratner, Lauren Cooperman, and Dentons.  Ethical guidance from Tony Cavin.  EPISODE CREDITS: Guest hosted by – Gregory Warner and Molly Webster Reported by – Katz Laszlo, Gregory Warner  Produced by – Tessa Paoli, Daniel Girma, Adelina Lancianese w/ production help from – Nic M. Neves Mixer – James Willetts and Robert Rodriguez w/ mixing help from – Jeremy Bloom Fact-checking by – Marisa Robertson-Textor and Edited by – Brenna Farrell Music: John Ellis composed the Rough Translation theme music.  Original music from Dylan Keefe.  Additional music from Blue Dot Sessions and FirstCom Music.     CITATIONSPhotos –  See a Lviv blackout through host Gregory Warner’s eyes – he posted photos from his time in Lviv on Twitter ( Podcasts – To understand Ukraine’s president, it helps to know the training ground of his youth: the competitive comedy ( circuit, in this Rough Translation episode.  Listen to “No-Touch Abortion” ( from Radiolab for more on the science and use of abortion pills  Articles –  Further reading: a study on medical abortion ( by Galina Maistruck, one of the main sources in our piece Our newsletter comes out every Wednesday. It includes short essays, recommendations, and details about other ways to interact with the show. Sign up (! Radiolab is supported by listeners like you. Support Radiolab by becoming a member of The Lab ( today. Follow our show on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @radiolab, and share your thoughts with us by emailing Leadership support for Radiolab’s science programming is provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation Initiative, and the John Templeton Foundation. Foundational support for Radiolab was provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  

Sound Opinions
Sunday: 6pm
Rock critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis interview artists, discover new releases, and reveal historical trends.

An interview with Fucked Up Sound Opinions

In this bonus episode, Jim and Greg talk with Damien Abraham and Sandy Miranda of Canadian punks Fucked Up about their new album, "One Day." Note: in this episode there is language not allowed on the radio.Join our Facebook Group: a member on Patreon: up for our newsletter: a donation via PayPal: us a Voice Memo: Desktop:  Mobile:

Daily: 6pm and 9pm
The University of Texas McDonald Observatory introduces you to the stars, astronomical events and space exploration,.

More Ears StarDate Podcast

The world’s largest search for ET has added more “ears” to the project. It’s using MeerKAT — an array of 64 radio telescopes in South Africa. The array can scan much more of the sky than the project’s current instruments. That allows it to listen in on many more stars. Breakthrough Listen has been operating for three years. It uses giant radio dishes in the United States and Australia, plus a few smaller ones. The telescopes listen for radio signals produced by civilizations in other star systems. They’re not sensitive enough to pick up routine radio broadcasts. But they could detect high-powered radar beams or similar signals. The goal is to scan a million or more nearby star systems, plus a few more-distant targets. The project has detected a few interesting signals. But detailed study has revealed that almost all of them are either interference from radio sources on Earth, or they’re produced by stars or other astronomical objects. MeerKAT will expand the project’s reach. It can monitor up to 64 target stars at a time, and should be sensitive to signals within about 250 light-years. Breakthrough Listen will piggyback off the work of other projects, so it’ll operate any time the telescopes are aiming at the sky. One of the first targets is Proxima Centauri, our closest neighboring star system, about four light-years away. At least two planets orbit the star, and there could be more — potential homes for ET.  Script by Damond Benningfield Support McDonald Observatory

The Latin Alternative
Tuesday: 5am
Josh Norek and Ernesto Lechner focus on crossover-friendly Latin rock, electronic, funk, and hip-hop artists.

The Latin Alternative Show 2218 The Latin Alternative

We take the time machine four decades back to 1982, a year that brought us some true gems of Latin funk, rock, salsa and Brazilian music. Featured artists include Ray Barretto, Gal Costa, Mandrill, Johnny Ventura, Sonora Ponceña, Milton Nascimento and Luis Alberto Spinetta.

This American Life
Monday: 9am
Host Ira Glass explores a weekly theme through a playful mix of radio monologues, mini-documentaries, found tape, and short fiction.

542: Wait—Do You Have The Map? This American Life

Feeling lost and trying to figure out how to move ahead.

KGLT shows

Chrysti the Wordsmith
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12pm and 6pm
A daily, two-minute audio interlude produced in the studios of KGLT-FM at Montana State University, Bozeman. Since 1990, Chrysti “the Wordsmith” Smith has been plumbing the depths of dictionaries obscure, arcane and pedestrian to craft word and phrase histories for her radio audience.

Listeners Personals
Monday–Friday: 12pm
A quick round up of found and missing pets and stuff.

Montana Medicine Show
Sunday: 10am, Tuesday and Thursday: 12pm 6pm, Saturday: 12pm
A short Montana history lesson. Thanks to thank Humanities Montana, The Greater Montana Foundation, and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting for their support.

Unzipping the Weekend/Around Town
(Unzipping) Thursday–Saturday: 6pm and 9pm and Saturday: 12pm
(Around) Monday–Friday: 10am, 3pm, and 7pm
A roundup of entertainment and events in the Bozeman area.


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