KGLT Playlists for 9-Midnight Thursday December 2009

Gothish  9-Midnight Thursday December 03, 2009 Sarah Jackson
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Fahrenheit 451 Gothik Strangers
 No  No The Smiths The Queen is Dead Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
 No  No Oingo Boingo Greatest Hits Grey Matter
 No  No Tubeway Army Replicas Praying to The Aliens
 No  No Kraftwerk The Man-Machine The Model
 No  No Christian Death Best of Christian Death Featuring Rozz Williams Skeleton Kiss
 No  No Joy Division Substance Leaders of Men
 No  No Chameleons UK Goth Box In Shreds
 No  No Specimen Alive at The Batcave Death Drive
 Yes  No Shaboi Curse Walk Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hideous
 No  No That Handsome Devil A City Dressed in Dynamite Viva Discordia
 Yes  No The Scarring Party Come Away From The Light Revelator
 No  No Rasputina Lost and Found Piggies
 No  No The Puppini Sisters Betcha Bottom Dollar Heart of Glass
 No  Yes The Sisters of Mercy Floodland This Corrosion
 No  Yes Bauhaus Press Eject and Give Me The Tape Bela Lugosi's Dead
 No  No Dionysos La Mecanique du Coeur La Panique Mecanique
 No  No Jill Tracy Projekt Presents: A Dark Cabaret Evil Night Together
 No  No The Tiger Lillies The Gorey End ABC (Arsenical Bun)
 Yes  No Damsel in The Dollhouse  Dolly Dear
 Yes  Yes John McLaughlin and The Rouges'  Pretty Little Girl
 No  No Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Tender Prey Mercy Seat
 Yes  Yes John McLaughlin and The Rouge's  Lines on My Face
 No  No Slackeye Slim Texas Whore Pleaser Evil Eye
 No  No Lonesome Wyatt and The Holy Spooks Rodentia The Ballerina's Twirl
 No  No Woven Hand Consider the Birds Into The Piano
 No  No Oldboy Rodentia Death
 No  No The Hungry Ghost Livid Looking Glass Nobody Knows
 No  No Sauce of The Future The Unquiet Grave Sulfur Trail
 No  No Deine Lakaien Where's Neil When You Need Him? A Fish Called Prince
 No  No Collide Asleep By Dawn Mix #1 Euphoria
 No  No Ego Likeness Lowest Place EP I'm Not Marry Ann
 No  Yes Gary Numan Scarred Dead Heaven
 No  No Clan of Xymox Hidden Faces Special Friends
 No  No Tones on Tail Tones on Tail Christian Says
 No  No Sex Gang Children Veil Tomb of Apollo
 No  No Peter Murphy Wild Birds Indigo Eyes

New  9-Midnight Thursday December 10, 2009 Howard Gray
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Tess Williams LIve Can't
 No  No Mt Rose Star of Bannack baby it's you
 No  No Tess Williams live tall boys
 No  No Mt Rose 191 Blue Willow belle
 No  No Mt Rose Mt Rose Mt Rose
 No  No Tess Williams live I won't be your excuse
 No  No Tanya Tucker greatist hits One love at a time
 No  No Patty loveless  Lonely too long
 No  No Tess Williams live Next Girlfriend
 No  No Tess Williams  believe
 No  No Tess Williams  unswritten song
 No  No ---------------BREAK 10:00 pm----------------  
 No  No MT Rose All night rodeo I plead the 5th
 No  No Tess Williams live Stranger in the mirror (cover)
 No  No Tess  Scottie's place
 No  No Patty Loveless Mt soul II big chance
 No  No Tess williams live your angel
 No  No Mt rose my time how to get over you
 No  No mt rose theres a dream The rain came down
 No  No Tess williams live Mr prince perfect
 No  No Tess williams live someone lonely
 No  No Mt Rose Mt rose he'd never live
 No  No Patty loveless Soul II burn the bridge
 No  No ------------BREAK 11:00pm--------------  
 No  No Tessy Lou Williams live man of my dreams
 No  No Dawn Dawn #3
 No  No Tess Williams live Red neck Girls
 No  No Patty loveless Mt Soul II You don't even know who I am
 No  No Patsy Cline best Gotta lot of rhythem in my soul
 No  No Tess Williams live O'Rian
 No  No Tess Williams live Turns out
 No  No Patty Loveless Mt soul II You can feel bad
 No  No Patsy Cline best She's got you
 No  No Tess Williams (Kandee) live Cowboy way
 No  No Tess live small town high school reunion
 No  No Tess live Love's Dance
 No  No Patty Loveless mt soul II That's the mood I'm in
 No  No Tess live That girl

Gothish  9-Midnight Thursday December 17, 2009 Sarah Jackson
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Unto Ashes Excelsis Vol. 3 Krampusnacht (For Krampus, The Christmas Demon)
 No  No Caprice Sister Simplicity Winter
 No  No Faith & Disease Excelsis Vol. 2 Silver and Gold
 No  No Melodyguild Projekt Holiday Single 2 Sally's Song
 No  No Love Spirals Downwards Excelsis Vol. 1 Welcome Christmas
 No  No Lovespirals Excelsis Vol. 3 Aspen Glow
 No  No Deine Lakaien April Skies Satellite
 No  No The Cruxshadows Excelsis Vol. 2 Happy Christmas (War is Over)
 No  No Lowsunday Excelsis Vol. 3 Blue Christmas
 No  No Unto Ashes Excelsis Vol. 2 Lord of The Dance
 No  No Woven Hand Ten Stones Kingdom of Ice
 No  No This Ascension Excelsis Vol. 1 Carol of The Bells
 No  No The Mirror Reveals Projekt Holiday Single 2 Radiant Snow
 No  No Lynn Canfield Excelsis Vol. 3 Let Your Little Sister Pet The Kitty Too
 No  No The Magnetic Fields Distortion Mr. Mistletoe
 No  No Human Drama Excelsis Vol. 2 I Believe in Father Christmas
 No  No Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Murder Ballads Song of Joy
 No  No Audra Excelsis Vol.3 Let The Reindeer Live on My Roof
 No  No Nicki Jane (with Ego Likeness) Projekt Holiday Single 1 The Little Drummer Boy
 No  Yes Voltaire Almost Human Feathery Wings
 No  No Caprice Kwitt! Kwitt! Christmas Lullaby
 No  No Lynn Canfield Excelsis Vol. 2 The True Present
 No  No Voltaire (featuring Unto Ashes) Projekt Holiday Single 1 Peace in The Holy Land
 No  No Black Tape For a Blue Girl Excelsis Vol. 1 Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah
 No  No Dead Can Dance Into The Labyrinth How Fortunate The Man with None
 No  No Unto Ashes Grave Blessings Winter Born
 No  No The Cruxshadows Ethernaut Winterborn
 No  No Siouxsie and The Banshees Tinderbox The Sweetest Chill
 No  No The Smiths The Queen is Dead I Know It's Over
 No  No Thanatos Excelsis Vol. 1 The First Noel
 No  No El Duende Excelsis Vol. 2 Gaudete, Guadete
 No  No Rasputina Thanks for The Ether Crybabies
 No  No Mirabilis Pleiades Riu Riu Chiu
 No  No Autumn's Grey Solace Projekt Holiday Single 1 Through The Snowy Trees
 No  No Siddal Excelsis Vol. 2 In The Bleak Midwinter
 No  No Area Excelsis Vol. 1 O Come Emmanuel
 No  No The Machine in The Garden Excelsis Vol. 2 Coventry Carol

xmas-sjazz  9-Midnight Thursday December 24, 2009 Mary
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Laura Fygi Laura Fygi: Jazz Greatest Hits Abrazame
 No  No Dave Koz Memories of a Winter s Night Memories of a Winter s Night (A Song for Hanukkah)
 No  No John Bayless Christmas Rhapsody have yourself a merry little christmas
 No  No Incognito Eleven I ll Get By
 No  No Porter Music Box Co. Sounds of Christmas The Christmas Song (Chestnut Roasting)
 No  No Ndaja Salreno-Sonnenberg & Friends Merry - A Holiday Journey Carol of the Bells
 No  No Dave Koz Memories of a Winter s Night Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
 No  No Porter Music Box Co. Sounds of Christmas Twelve Days of Christmas
 No  No Brian`Hughes Between Dusk And Dreaming The`Lakes
 No  No Chuck Loeb Presence Mr. Martino
 No  No Dave Koz Memories of a Winter s Night White Christmas
 No  No Dave Koz Memories of a Winter s Night Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
 No  No Wayne Lytle Animusic Pipe Dream
 No  No The Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out Blue Rondo a la Turk
 No  No Miles Davis Smooth Jazz Jeru
 No  No Enya Paint The Sky With Stars - The Best Of Enya China Roses
 No  No Dave Koz Memories of a Winter s Night Santa Claus is Coming to Town
 No  No Chuck Loeb Presence Window Of The Soul
 No  No Dave Koz A Smooth Jazz Christmas Eight Candles (A Song for Hanukkah)
 No  No Wayne Lytle Animusic Seventh Alloy
 No  No Laura Fygi Laura Fygi: Jazz Greatest Hits Disse Alguem (All Of Me)
 No  No Ed Calle Twilight Spanish Rose Prelude
 No  No Spyro Gyra A Night Before Christmas The Christmas Song
 No  No Wayne Lytle Animusic Drum Machine
 No  No Warren Hill Pop Jazz Toronto
 No  No Spyro Gyra A Night Before Christmas It Won t Feel Like Christmas
 No  No Four80East En Route Don t Look Back
 No  No Hiroshima Best of Hiroshima I ve Been Here Before
 No  No Charles Mingus Smooth Jazz Stormy Wather
 No  No Laura Fygi Laura Fygi: Jazz Greatest Hits I Will Wait For You
 No  No Dave Koz Memories of a Winter s Night Winter Wonderland
 No  No Wayne Lytle Animusic Future Retro
 No  No Enigma The Cross Of Changes Return To Innocence
 No  No Four80East En Route Five By Five
 No  No Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve And Other Stories First Snow (Instrumental) (LP Version)
 No  No Vehkavaara & Piltch) [Mediterranean Night Avalon] Con Todo Mi Corazon
 No  No The Raleigh Ringers Impressions of the Season God With Us For All Time
 No  No Dave Koz Memories of a Winter s Night Silver Bells
 No  No Charlie Parker The Greatest Swinging JAZZ Steeplechase
 No  No Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve And Other Stories An Angel Came Down (LP Version)
 No  No Hiroshima Obon Atomic Cafe
 No  No Brian`Hughes Between Dusk And Dreaming And Dreaming
 No  No John Bayless Christmas Rhapsody santa claus is coming to town / dance of the sugar plum fairy
 No  No Jazzyfatnastees theonceandfuture Unconventional Ways
 No  No Enya And Winter Came And Winter Came

eclectic  9-Midnight Thursday December 31, 2009 David Thodal
New Request Artist Album Track
 No  No Jim Pepper Pepper's Pow Wow Witchitai-to
 No  No Kebnekaise S/T Comannche Spring
 No  No Creedence Clearwater Revival S/T Susie Q
 No  No Tim Buckley Happy Sad Gypsy Woman
 No  No Michael Chapman Fully Qualified Survivor Trinkets and Rings
 No  No 10:00 PM  
 No  No Dr. Strangely Strange Heavy Petting Sign On My Mind
 No  No Fairport Convention Rareport Convention Reno, Nevada
 No  No Mimi and Richard Farina The Best Of House of UnAmerican Blues Activity Dream
 No  No Mimi Farina & Tom Jans Take Heart Madman
 No  No Mimi and Richard Farina The Best Of Reflection In A Crytal Wind
 No  No Mimi Farina & Tom Jans Take Heart Carolina
 No  No Fotheringay S/T The Way I Feel
 No  No Tim Buckley Goodbye and Hello I Never Asked To Be your Mountain
 No  No Alexi Murdoch Towards The Sun Towards The Sun
 No  No James Yorkston Roaring The Gospel Sleep Is The Jewel
 No  No James Yorkston Roaring the Gospel Song To The Siren
 No  No Lanterna Highways Adriatic
 No  No 11:00  
 No  No Songs Of Green Pheasant When The Weather Clears The Wormwood Star Falls
 No  No This Is The Kit Krulle Bol Two Wooden Spoons
 No  No John Martyn Bless The Weather Going Back Down The River
 No  No Van Morrison The Healing Game Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn
 No  No Heron Twice As Nice At Half The Price Winter Harlequin
 No  No Donovan Sunshine Superman Ferris Wheel
 No  No King Crimson In The Wake Of Poseidon Cadence and Cascade
 No  No Bridget St. John ASk Me No Questions Curious Crystals Of Unusua Purity
 No  No Donovan Catch The Wind Turquoise
 No  No Suki Ewers Kind Of Hazy Lazy
 No  No Suki Ewers Kind Of Hazy Lazy
 No  No Pat Metheny New Chautaqua Sueno con Mexico