Welcome and thank you for your interest in the KGLT Apprentice Class. The apprentice class is open to students of Montana State University and members of the community. The purpose of the apprentice class is to teach you the information you need to know to be a KGLT announcer. Through direct participation KGLT volunteers learn broadcasting, production, and management skills.

The Apprentice class will cover station operations, how to put a show together, Rules and Regulations, and the Computer programs KGLT uses. KGLT shows are three hours long and as a DJ you will choose the music that is played during your show. DJs also read Public Service Announcements, promotional spots, and the KGLT station identification. You will learn about the legal requirements that KGLT must meet and the responsibilities of an announcer. KGLT staff will teach you how to find music in our library of CDs and Vinyl records, and how to refile the music when your show is over.

KGLT is a non-commercial, educational, broadcast station that runs an all music format with limited pre-recorded programs that compliment KGLTs theme. The KGLT Executive staff makes all decisions regarding programming, while the On-Air staff is responsible for the music they play during their show. KGLT educates and entertains our listeners by providing a wide variety of music and programming from around the world, and here at home.

The class meets at 6:30pm on Tuesdays for one hour, for nine weeks.

Applicants are required to attend all classes and apprentice with one of our On-Air Staff at least three hours per week. You will also complete a take home test and an Air Check CD that will be submitted in Week Six. In the last class we will review the test. When you pass you will be added to the Substitute DJ list so you can fill in for other DJs. New DJs generally get shows that are not prime time, i.e. graveyards, so that they can hone their talents and techniques.

The Apprentice class runs three times a year. Contact KGLT for more information and the dates of the next Apprentice Class.

If you want to fill out an application for the next Apprentice Class and bring it to KGLT Click Here